Markiewicz Award Application

It’s in its infancy but I have a little idea for a film that I’m going to put out there and see if anything returns, bar a slap in the face. Am dusting off my creaky website. There’s been no love.

I turned my back on film before the end of last year, vowing I was finished. I thought about selling my camera and went so far as to do a personal training course. But I’ve since been reeled back in for yet another onslaught of rejection no doubt, but I just can’t stay away it seems. What a dope.

Today I’ve had not one but two surges of excitement at the prospects of what I’m trying to put together, actually coming together. It’s those feelings that have me hooked.. sake. It makes me forget all of the heart, head and soul ache that comes with this mental pursuit. Another halo effect no less.

Gonna slay some demons this eve as I work on my submission. Those that say I’m mad for trying.

Another battle on my hands but I’m well versed and up for the challenge.

Come onnnnnnnnnnnnn…

Siún O Connor