i know this will be the worst of my blog babies as my hand is forced to birth it. 'you need more content NOW'. here it is. forced blog baby content. the best kind.

i'm tired and cranky. i've never experienced anything quite like the over-and-backing i'm living on a billisecondly basis. this is gonna be great... no it's not.. i think it is... naw, shite. and it's not like an ordinary game of pong, it's like pong all sped up to bits so that the little square ball isn't really there any more. or maybe the tennis game in the witches of eastwick is more accurate a reference. either way, i'm tired looking at the ball being shoved about fast. now i'm on the home stretch, it being the last week of the campaign and all my time is running out, i'm probably leaning a little towards the this is gonna be great side of the court. oh brain. what a waste.

today i collected my posters. i was feeling really positive when i got my hands on them as the boys at print4now in navan made them look so super. shiny and everything. and all for free. i skipped out of the printers but my skips were shortlived. i won't name names but i was quoted 30e to display said shiny items in johnstown shopping centre. and i'll not point fingers but i was then charged 5e by navan shopping centre to elevate their notice board for two whole weeks. this peed me right off. but i was too chicken to stick my poster up anywhere that it wasn't authorised. wild.

having moaned all that, i did manage to get my little poster up in quite a few other places. can you believe the library didn't charge? but really, most people are only too happy to help if they can. it's a special thing.

on day three we walk from bective to leinster bridge. we recced trim to leinster bridge a few weeks ago and i nearly died the next day from sore knees. medical fact.

have i written enough yet? this looks respectable enough for a middlin' to fair entry at the peak of my funding trough. all i need is a little nudge and i feel the project will roll and momentum will look after the rest. i'm just dying to get into bed with episode IV of s town. i'm outtie.


Siún O Connor