i know some of you've been up nights due to my silence over the last few days. you'll sleep like stones tonight. I'M BACK. and i'm back to sixty praise be. ordinarily i operate in or around the median range of 60-85, zero being calm and one hundred being up-the-walls. my fundit campaign had me up and over the 110 mark for the last week with no other option but to power through. which i did. but the comedown was acme like. wile e. coyote style e. if there had been a monument valleyesque rock formation nearby i certainly would have slid down it. 

i took the whole long weekend off. shameful i know. i brought M for lunch on friday. it was wonderful but it was one of those days where i couldn't really remember driving to OR from my destination. i was pretty tired and emotional after the previous week of tension. and looking forward to sweet relief at having achieved my goal but it took three days to present itself. and present itself it did as i lay on the other end of the spectrum like a gelatinous blob for nearly two days. cranking myself up again to scribble these lines was not pretty. i'll never get it right.

but i'm back. and i'm ready for the next stage of production. right now i'm pricing equipment. the funds don't come through for another two weeks so i want to be all set for then. and i'm panicking about walking and gear to wear in ireland in may. all suggestions welcome. i've a recce coming up next monday which will be excellent. but this week i need to structure the next month to the minute. mountainous. i'm concluding one is better off staying at 85 with probable burn out in the not too distant future than this floundering about i'm currently experiencing. anyone got a wet fish they can slap me with?

day eight we walk from ferbane to banagher. just 16 baby kilometres. this is the shortest distance we will travel over the entire walk and it comprises of towpath and road. historically, this area is more commonly known as the teddy bear's belly button. or fluffy boggy belly button. 

maybe not exactly.

i picked up somewhere that ferbane means white grass in irish. after the bog cotton. féar bán. my bogey irish meant i questioned this as it looked more like white man to me. enough to make some of you, my one true reader, shudder. i'm so v excited to acquaint myself better with the midlands and the king's county. i wonder were the kings of old ever up the walls.




Siún O Connor