23 hours to go. if this campaign were to go on any longer i'd be dead. i must be a masochist as i'm going to miss this flipflopping about. i'm not going to miss eating cheese poppy seed bagels for breakfast, lunch and dinner. looking forward to standing up for a spell soon too.

but really, this experience has been one of the best of my entire life. getting such positive feedback off people and not just those who know me is really something. AND i'll hopefully get to make my film to boot. i know i've said this before but whatever happens in the next 23 hours i will take only great things from this. 

this time last year after having a feature doc commissioned and aired by our national broadcaster i still wouldn't have had the confidence to take on something like this all on my own. it is the encouragement and support of those closest to me that makes me who i am. 

you'd think i couldn't gush any more but to top things off my last eyelash extension finally fell out. thanks be. anyone thinking of gluing plastic appendages to their lids, don't. i've had four stragglers mocking me for three months.

day six we rest in tullamore.

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Siún O Connor