this morning i'm getting ready to drive to drogheda to the LMFM studio for a little interview. i'm actually bricking it as i've not done anything like this since college when i bricked it then also. i'm swinging wildly from 'keep it simple and sweet and say nothing' to 'all out confession, purging my life story, clogging up the airwaves with lumpy truth'. something in between might be more palatable.

i'm not really getting ready though, as i'm following instructions to the letter regarding social media etiquette. what to say and when to say it. this i hate. but it's part of this process, the biggest part it seems. am waiting patiently for the penny to drop. even though said penny no longer exists. 

i have a coldsore the size of mullaghboy industrial estate. it might impinge on the proximity to the mic ergo, the sound quality of the recording. muffled. gross. i was hoping to get a picture for one of my perfectly timed tweets later. will have to root out a moustache. 

why i'm really here this morning is to tantalise my readership. i'm going to release the route in baby stages. pure tormented.

the first day we walk from mornington to slane. i've never done this before but i'm excited about this as i know parts of the boyne around slane look like something from jurassic park. plus we'll still be close to home and i'll feel like i can just go home if i've had enough. uh oh.


Siún O Connor